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Gyejok Mt. Loess Trail

Gyejok Mt. Loess Trail was constructed on the forest road of Gyejok Mt. by paving it with loess by Seonyang Co., Ltd., a local company, since 2005 as a part of the project to prevent forest fire and increase efficiency of forestry projects during the period of 1994~1997. It has become a highly renowned tourist destination in Korea by implementing the plans for strolling trail under the health theme of walking on bare foot.

Loess Trail in the forest of Gyejok Mt. is the only venue where visitors can experience the health given by nature in the world. It is a renowned tourist destination that you must visit along with the Gyejok Mt. and Daecheong Dam when you visit Daejeon. You will be able to restore health of your body and mind as you walk or run through the exciting 14km Loess Trail located in elevation range of 200m~300m. Huge number of hiking manias are flocking to the trail to enjoy the scenery of Gyejok Mt. as well as to ride bicycle during spring and autumn.

Loess Trail in the forest of Gyejok Mt. was selected at the “Tourist Destination to be visited in May” by the Korea Tourism Services in 2009. In 2010, the President Michelle of the Republic of Seychelles highly praised the site after having walked the trail on bare foot along with 500 children from 100 countries who participated in UN meeting of children on environmental issues.

With the popularization of the healthy forest of Gyejok Mt., ‘Gyejok Mt. Loess Trail Walking' tour package won the grand award in the Travel Division of the ‘2nd G-market Local Autonomous Government e-marketing Fair’. “Eco-one Seonyang Masai Marathon” participated by approximately 5,000 atheletes including more than 600 foreign athletes from more than 40 countries is held here every year, which has become one of the resprentative festival of Daejeon.

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How to get here

  • Address : General regions of #59 Jang-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City
  • Inquiries : Daedeok-gu Park Greenery Team 042-608-5133
  • Transportation : Sandi Village (Jangdong Mt. Forest Trail) - Bus route 74 / Soryuji in Beop-2-dong - Bus routes 616 & 617